Clubhouse is dedicated to helping group organizers run successful communities.

Through the Clubhouse Hosting platform group organizers can host a website with tools like membership roster, event calendar and photo galleries.

Privacy and data ownership are core principals of the platform. You can run the site using your own domain and can export the full data at anytime.

Public Alpha

The platform is still in-development but available now as a Public Alpha. This means many features are incomplete and probably broken. Users should expect things to change, sometimes in breaking ways, and know the site still lacks production-acceptable backup and export systems.

This Public Alpha is being released to help generate much needed feedback. If you have time and interested in our cause please, make a group, try things out, and send in your observations. Thank you.

Get Started with a New Group

Some early tutorials:

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Meet the Developer

My name is Mike Zornek and I'm a fellow group organizer from Philadelphia, PA. You can check out my profile on the blog or checkout my personal site.

You can also follow Club House Hosting on Twitter at @clubhousehost or Micro.Blog at @clubhousehost.